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 Adam J Calhoun


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The neural basis for a persistent internal state in Drosophila females. D Deutsch, DA Pacheco, LJ Encarnacion-Rivera, T Pereira, R Fathy, AJ Calhoun, EC Ireland, AT Burke, S Dorkenwald, C McKellar, T Macrina, R Lu, N Kemnitz, M Castro, A Halageri, C Jordan, W Silversmith, J Wu, HS Seung, M Murthy. (2020) bioRxiv (pdf) (blog post)

Unsupervised identification of the internal states that shape natural behavior. AJ Calhoun, J Pillow, M Murthy. (2019) Nature Neuroscience (pdf) (blog post)

Quantifying behavior to solve sensorimotor transformations: advances from worms and flies. AJ Calhoun, M Murthy. (2017) Current Opinion in Neurobiology (pdf) (blog post)

Experimental and statistical reevaluation provides no evidence for Drosophila courtship song rhythms. DL Stern, J Clemens, P Coen, AJ Calhoun, JB Hogenesch, BJ Arthur, M Murthy. (2017) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (pdf) (blog post)

The foraging brain. AJ Calhoun, BY Hayden. (2015) Current Opinion in Neurobiology (pdf) (blog post)

Neural mechanisms for evaluating environmental variability in Caenorhabditis elegans. AJ Calhoun, A Tong, N Pokala, JAJ Fitzpatrick, TO Sharpee, SH Chalasani. (2015) Neuron (pdf) (blog post) (Commentary in Current Biology (pdf))

Maximally informative foraging by Caenorhabditis elegans. AJ Calhoun, SH Chalasani, TO Sharpee. (2014) Elife 3, e04220 (pdf) (blog post)

Information theory of adaptation in neurons, behavior, and mood. TO Sharpee, AJ Calhoun, SH Chalasani. (2014) Current Opinion in Neurobiology (25) 47-53. (pdf) (blog post)

Speed and accuracy in a visual motion discrimination task as performed by rats. P Reinagel, E Mankin, A Calhoun. (2012) arXiv. (pdf) (blog post)

A New Technique For Measuring The Twist Of Photospheric Active Regions Without Recourse To The Force-Free-Field Equation: Reconfirming The Hemispheric Helicity Trend. D Nandy, A Calhoun, J Windschitl, RC Canfield, MG Linton. (2007) Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society 39, 128. (pdf)