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 Adam J Calhoun

Full CV

Postdoctoral Fellow, Advisor: Dr. Mala Murthy
Princeton University, Princeton Neuroscience Institute (2014 - Present)

Ph.D. Computational Neuroscience, Advisor: Dr. Tatyana O. Sharpee
University of California - San Diego (2014)
Dissertation title: Mechanisms for optimal decision making in small neural circuits

Master of Mathematics, Advisor: Dr. James Mitchell
University of St. Andrews, School of Mathematics (2007, Undergraduate/Masters)
Dissertation title: Universal equations on the full transformation monoid

Awards and Fellowships

Simons Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017 - Present)
NIH T32 Training Grant (2015 - 2017)
Jesse and Caryl Phillips Foundation (2012)
Institute for Neural Computation Fellowship (2012)
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2009 - 2011)

Invited talks

Identifying the internal states that shape sensorimotor integration during natural behavior. Cosyne workshop on Quantifying Social Behaviors, 2019.
Quantitative methods to identify behavioral states. University of Washington Institute for Neuroengineering seminar series, February 2019.
Quantifying behavior to solve sensorimotor transformations. NeuroNex workshop on Statistical Neuroscience, 2019.
Internal States Shape Sensorimotor Dynamics. Janelia Research Campus, Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar Series, September 2018.
A circuit for learning about variability over long timescales. Cosyne workshop on Information Sampling in Behavioral Optimization, 2014.